Our Story

We are passionate about the sport of Stand Up Paddle and dedicated to making it enjoyable and accessible to all. Townes & Co and the SUPhipster were inspired by our rescue dog Townes.

Living just a few blocks from the water, we spend many days paddling through the beautiful coves and surfing the many great spots in the area. Often, Townes would accompany us to the beach with his trusted best friend, Caldwell, a stuffed hedgehog that he carries everywhere he goes. While the walk to the water is not long, it can be challenging while carrying a SUP, requiring many stops along the way to rest our arms.

On one particular day, while struggling to carry our boards to the water, we noticed Townes quietly and easily carrying Caldwell in his mouth, looking at us each time we stopped to rest, as if to say 'what's the problem guys, let's go'. It was then we realized that Townes had an efficient, simple, no hassle system to carry Caldwell and we needed an efficient, simple, no hassle system to carry our boards.. Thus, the SUPhipster was born!

They say inspiration can come from anywhere, leave it to man's best friend to be the smartest kid on the beach.

Townes remains our honorary CEO, continuing to provide inspiration. We welcome your comments, so feel free to drop us an email at townes@townesandco.com. He loves hearing from his fans!

See you on the water